Whether you are an experienced game shot looking to be on form for the season; a clay shooter wanting some expert advice on a particular discipline, or a novice learning from scratch, our shooting lessons are tailored to your individual needs.

Having such a vast array of disciplines here at Parkers Farm we also offer discipline specific lessons in whatever layout you wish to be taught on.

If you feel in need of moral support spectators are very welcome.

Or why not pair up in a small group and enjoy the experience together.

On The Day

Upon arrival and check-in, you will be met with a warm greeting by one of our instructors, all of which are very experienced in clay pigeon shooting and handling shotguns. 

Our instructors are very friendly and their main aim is to ensure you feel safe, have fun and most importantly smash clays!

They will equip you with an appropriate gun, this might be a 12 gauge or a 20 gauge shotgun.

We can provide 28 and 410 gauge shotguns for children or smaller builds.

20 gauge shotguns are perfect for novice ladies and young shots as they are much lighter guns and also produce far less recoil when coupled with our specially loaded cartridges.

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Throughout The Experience

Throughout the session, you will be looked after and coached by our professional and experienced instructor who will show you how to shoot clays safely and accurately, while taking them through the finer points of the sport.

These lessons are designed for the next step in your shooting journey.  Going more in detail on discipline and different targets, how the gun & cartridge work.  These lessons will progress you to the next level.

All we ask is that you wear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for a country walk.

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